Health benefits of snacking on citrus fruit


    What can be more rewarding than a well deserved morning or afternoon snack? A snack with health benefits. The snacks (and the meals) we consume can either increase or decrease our health. It is that simple. And choosing as often as possible snacks that increase our overall health will build up to generate some fantastic effects on our bodies in the long run.

    Knowing that what you are eating right now is going to make you healthier will make you feel better. This is another trick that we can use to keep us happy and motivated to continue making the right choices.

    And in the winter season the citrus fruit are available to you to be consumed at work, as we are including them into our fruit boxes. We are reinforcing the fact that eating citrus fruit is better for you than something more comforting (like biscuits, pretzels,…). This way every time you choose a fruit you’ll feel better about your decision (not to mention that citrus fruit are juicy, zesty and delicious).

    Here are 6 benefits of citrus fruit:

    1. Help prevent obesity:
      Nobiletin is a flavonoid extracted from tangerines. Western University London studied in 2011 how nobiletin helps to prevent obesity and protects against type 2 diabetes. This study was conducted on mice. One mice group was fed a diet high in fat and simple sugars and it became obese. Also the mice showed metabolic signs that usually increase type 2 diabetes risk.
      The other mice group had the same diet plus nobiletin. Their weight gain was normal and there were no changes in glucose or insulin levels.
    2. Lower the stroke risk in women:
      70,000 women from Nurses’ Health Study were having their eating habits analysed for over 14 years. The results were published in the American Hearth Association’s journal in 2012. The study called Stroke showed that women with a diet rich in flavanone have a 19% lower risk of stroke from blood clotting than women with a poor flavanone diet. The flavanone can be consumed through oranges, grapefruits and their fresh juices.
    3. Inhibit cancer development:
      The Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology published a research in 2012 conducted in Japan. It was determined that the pulp and juice of satsuma mandarin inhibited the development of cancer. Beta-cryptoxanthin and hesperidin can be found in this mandarin variety and they inhibited the growth of tongue, lung and colon tumours.
    4. Improve eyesight:
      Vitamin C can be found in the citrus fruit and it is well known it is a strong antioxidant. It reduces the damaged to our cells made by free radicals. It has been proved that our eyes need vitamin C for their nerve cells to be healthy. The percentages of daily needs are:
      1 lemon with peel – 111%
      2 clementines – 96%
      1 medium orange – 93%
      half a pink or red grapefruit – 51%
    5. Reduce stress:
      The Japanese have researched the linalool, which is an aromatic compound found in lemons (as well as mangoes and lavender). Rats were exposed to stressful conditions and to linalool. Their stress levels were lowered because of altered blood chemistry and gene activity.