2 types of fruit boxes

    During the last years, thanks to all the feedback we have received from our customers, we noticed 2 types of preferences.

    Some office managers prefer to maximise their allocated budget for fruits. Others are more interested in providing a variety of fruits even if that means cutting some of the fruits or getting slightly more expensive items.

    Therefore we have designed 2 types of fruit boxes, each having the same price to keep everything within the budget. This way everything is easier for the Accounts.

    • Corporate Fruit Box – maximise the budget!
      • includes “1-piece-only” fruits (no berries, no grapes, no melons halves…)
      • minimal cutting needed (no pineapples…)
      • minimal expensive fruits, that count as 2 or 3 pieces in the total number of fruits of the box (very few or no avocados …)
      • Examples: apples, pears, bananas, peaches, nectarines, mandarins, kiwifruit, oranges, apricots, plums.
    • Variety Fruit Box – don’t get bored!
      • includes “1-piece-only” fruits
      • includes sharing/multiple fruits, like strawberries, blueberries, grapes
      • includes items that need cutting, like mangoes, passionfruits
      • includes some expensive fruits, like melons, avocados
      • Note: We know your staff needs to be able to eat them at work, therefore minimal stains on shirts or keyboards. so we will not add too many large items. Also we know you need as many pieces possible, so we will keep the expensive stuff to a minimum.

    And to reduce the confusion, here is an example of the 2 boxes, corporate and mixed:

    Corporate vs mixed – example

    Do you have a preference for the type of fruit box to receive?