The Benefits of a Fruit Delivery Service

    A cup of raspberries

    Having regular office fruit supplier is the most excellent way to make sure optimal employee health, long life and contentment. Serving a fruit platter will replenish your team’s energy right away. Also it will make sure that addictive items such as chocolate and coffee are kept in moderation. Below are the reasons why we suggest you to consider getting an office fruit supplier:

    Fresh fruit to keep your staff energetic

    Providing fresh fruit to employees is indeed the most cost-efficient benefit of signing up with an office fruit supplier. This will keep them in a good mood, refreshed and energetic.

    Increased productivity of staff

    Research shows that employees agreed that their office enabled them to function more productively and fruitfully by 11% following the introduction of fruit to the working station or workplace. 79% of employees stated the fresh fruit made them feel more respected and esteemed as a worker.

    Good nutrition is increasingly respected all over the world. Offices or companies that provide health and fitness support to their workers are gaining profits from improved job commitment as well as better employee retention. A survey showed that 87% of employees will rather get hired by a company which provides health and fitness support than by one with no such support. More than 80% of companies with contracts for fruit deliveries agrees that introduction of fresh fruits in the workplace improves the quality of life in the workplace.

    Employees fitness and health

    81% of employees with access to fruit thought having fruit on hand at their desk has boosted their quality of life at the office. 70% of employees begun eating fruit during work (they were not doing it previously). 45% of employees ate fewer junk or unhealthy snacks.

    Enhanced corporate reputation and image after introducing a supply of fruit

    Offering fresh fruit is an extremely visible advantage. It frequently is a point of discussion amongst employees. This contributes to differentiate offices as well as boosting their business reputation and image.

    Suppliers of office fruit aim to give a true taste experience beyond the grocery stores or conventional fruit sellers. Suppliers just concentrate on serving workplaces and makes sure they give their corporate clients a superior service, not usually related with the average fruit retailer.

    What to Look for in an office fruit supplier:

    • High quality fresh fruit with a seasonal mixture backed up by 100% quality guarantee
    • Stress free service
    • Freedom to select the fruits you want to order