Office fruit Sydney service – best in town

    To be the best office fruit Sydney service is a challenging and beautiful mission. It means to provide Sydney professionals with best quality fruits to power their creativity, problem solving and many other skills. Therefore we have designed 3 types of corporate fruit boxes to include a mix of office fruit and to be perfect for any company that makes investments in staff morale and well-being. Order them in any combination.

    Our Premium Corporate Fruit Boxes
    Office fruit Sydney small box
    Our smallest choice, the Premium Corporate Small Fruit Box: includes 30 pieces of fruit and costs $35.50


    Office fruit Sydney medium box
    For medium offices, the Premium Corporate Small Fruit Box: includes 50 pieces of fruit and costs $50.50

    Office fruit Sydney large box
    Our generous box, the Premium Corporate Large Fruit Box: includes 70 pieces of fruit and costs $65.50


    More about office fruit

    But what does it mean “office fruit”? That would be all fruit varieties that can be consumed at the desk without any or too many utensils. These would be apples, pears, bananas, mandarins. On the other side of the spectrum there are the fruits that require cutting, peeling or washing small individual pieces. This might be generating a lot of juice on shirts or keyboards. These would be watermelon, mango, blueberries. But as long as you are happy to use a knife and a bench-top, we will be happy to include more types of fruit in your box.

    Farm Fresh Grocer strives to be best office fruit Sydney service by taking care of your office fruit preferences and by being reliable in bringing them to your office kitchen. You can learn the difference between standard fruit boxes and custom fruit boxes, then choose your option. No matter if you go custom or not, we will take care of sourcing from farms, packing according to your preferences (if any) and delivering your order.

    After receiving your fruit box you could present the fruit in a bowl, plate or tray. And make sure you don’t place any heavy fruit on top of softer pieces, like a big apple on top of ripe nectarines. The best method that preserves the freshness is to place the mix into a single layer. We will make sure to include as many colours as possible in the content of your box. That’s why the boxes will look great if you want to impress your team. These arrangements can be used for meetings and executive suites. A big tray of fresh fruit will always be more elegant than biscuits or chips.

    Fruit bowl - plums, oranges, nashi pears