How to check your fruit box

    Your fruit box should include a certain number of pieces of fruit. We usually change the content of your box, but we will always keep the same number of pieces of fruit and the same price.

    Sometimes when we are packing the boxes, although our eyes are wide open and we pay attention to what we’re doing, we might miss 1 or 2 items. Or we might put 1 or 2 extra items. This doesn’t happen very often, but you can double check and give us feedback.

    If you have a standard mixed fruit box, like Premium Corporate Small Fruit Box, or Premium Corporate Medium Fruit Box, or Premium Corporate Large Fruit Box, go to This Week’s Box.
    Click on the name of your box and you will see a short description and a list of the fruit included in the box in the current week.
    Therefore on the day that you’ve received your order the content of your box will match the content from This Week’s Box page. It will be easy to check and make sure you’ve received the correct content.

    If you ordered a custom box (a box that has the name of your company in its name), you can check the total number versus what’s in your box. And contact us if you have doubts about any particular fruit variety.

    Also some fruits might count as multiple pieces due to the price or size. This usually happens with avocado, grapes or melons. If they count as 2 or 3 pieces we will add them to the boxes, but in limited quantities and only when we know you like them. If a fruit becomes too expensive and counts as 4 pieces of fruit we will completely remove it from the boxes content.