How to customize your fruit box

    Do you like red apples

    Basic customizing

    You have started to receive one or more fruit boxes from Farm Fresh Grocer. And you have finished the trial period of 2 weeks. Maybe you have noticed that some fruits are more popular than others. Your colleagues just grab all the mandarins and there are no more left after just one day. So your office loves mandarins. And this is good because you can always ask us to send more mandarins and maybe less bananas, or any other fruit that still can be found in the box on Fridays afternoon.

    This is the most simple way of customizing the content of the fruit boxes. By letting us know for which types of fruits to increase the quantity and for which ones to decrease, eventually your mix of fruit will be perfectly adjusted for your team in few weeks. Or almost perfectly… considering our human nature of getting bored quickly.


    Another thing that you can communicate to us is never-fruits. These are fruits that you will never want for your team. Maybe you are wondering why should you exclude some fruits, but think about your past experiences. If you have a fruit delivery service in place for a long time you might have noticed that let’s say green apples will never be eaten, no matter the season, the day of the week, the events in the office. So just let us know green apples are a never-fruit for you.

    Fruit preference form

    One option that is very efficient is to tell us how much you like each type / variety of fruit. The options go from loving this to no-please don’t send this. You fill a form with your preferences once and we have it as a guide all through the year. Filling in our fruit preferences form will only take you few minutes. Now every time a new fruit becomes available at the beginning of its season, we already know if and how much you want it.

    Did you have changes in staff or become eager to change what’s in your box? No problem, just send us the form again and your new options will be saved on your account.

    Also please keep in mind that some fruits are bigger or more expensive, therefore they will count as multiple pieces of fruit in the total number of pieces of fruit in your box. Examples are melons, avocados or berries that come in punnets. We usually add a small quantity of these fruits, not to affect the total number of pieces available for your team. But if we have your “blessing” (you tell us you love avocados) we might include more of them.