How a fruit delivery service helps an office

    Fruit delivery can bring even delicious berries

    Food is a great tool that brings a boost in happiness in the office. People are always more content and efficient on the full stomach. And if the food is also tasty and healthy, like fruits, it’s even better. And the office manager is usually the person that makes everything possible.

    So what is the easiest way to start implementing food programs in your office?

    The easiest way is to set up a fruit delivery service. If you’re still undecided whether to bring fruits to the team, consider these two points:

    • Fruit are universally accepted as a healthy option, with no spiritual, religious or caloric restrictions for anyone. You can’t go wrong with having a mix of fruits available to be grabbed and munched on. They don’t require refrigeration and some of then don’t even need washing, like bananas or mandarins. They come already in portions, unless you actually order a whole watermelon, but even this comes cut in quarters. And there is enough variety in the box for everybody to find something they like.
    • A fruit delivery service is easy to setup and tweak. We have noticed over time what is popular. Therefore we actually send you a winning combination of fruit varieties in the box. Also you can let us know if there is any leftover fruit at the end of the week and we will decrease the quantity and replace with something else (also check out our offer for Sydney offices). Or our custom boxes come with a fruit preference form where you can let us know how much you like each fruit.

    Also relying on fruit delivery to arrive every time you need it makes it so much easier to plan for in-house or off-site activities, like conferences, meetings, parties and celebrations. Make sure you set aside a reminder for you to increase or change the order. This way you will have everything in place for your big event.

    And requesting a trial of 2 deliveries is the surest way to experience the increase in morale that suddenly appears in your office. Fill in this form and let us take care of the rest.