How to start your office fruit delivery

    Oranges are usually included in the office fruit delivery service.

    You’re planning in getting your office kitchen supplied for your staff. And you want some delicious and healthy treats. Please take a few moments to read our recommendation below. To start your office fruit delivery choose between getting a standard fruit box or a custom fruit box.

    We sell standard fruit boxes that come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. Also we sell custom boxes, that can be a perfect match in size and variety for your office.

    The standard fruit box as part of the office fruit delivery

    The standard boxes contain a mix of fruits (fresh and in season). They are tailored for offices that want no hassle of deciding in detail what to order. The content of the standard boxes changes often. Sometimes we make small adjustments, when we play with the number of apples and pears so you don’t get bored. Sometimes we do a major change, when we take out the pears completely and replace them with nectarines who just came back in season.

    Why not check the standard fruit boxes now? Click on them to see what’s inside.

    The custom fruit box as part of the office fruit delivery

    But if you’d like to control exactly what kinds of fruit you can find in your box, go for the custom box. We will only include fruits that we know you like, and we will even follow your instructions about how much you like them. As an example, we will include many bananas, because we know your staff love them, but just some mandarins, as they are not as popular as bananas.

    And talking about bananas, you can tell us if you’d like the bananas to be fully ripe and ready to eat on the day they arrive, or medium ripe, or green. Who would like green bananas? Any office who wants bananas to last the entire week, when a new fruit box will arrive at your workplace.

    Also you can read here about checking the content of your fruit box when it arrives.

    If this is more like your style of work, then drop us an email or phone call (1800 GO FRESH).

    Getting your first fruit box delivery is easy, no matter if you go for quick set and forget, or if you’d like to control and tweak. Next step to setup your office fruit delivery is to fill in this “GET 50% OFF YOUR FIRST 2 FRUIT BOXES NOW” form.