Office Fruit Box Delivery Sydney service – 3 steps setup

    Office fruit box delivery Sydney brings you kiwifruit

    Farm Fresh Grocer is an Office Fruit Box Delivery Sydney service for Sydney surrounding areas. If your office is located somewhere else please contact us to enquire if we deliver to your area.

    Below are 3 quick questions that we will ask you for setting up your Office Fruit Box Delivery Sydney service:

    1. How big is your team?

      This will determine the size and combination of fruit box(es). Think about how many employees are there in your office, also consider this: will you be offering fruit to visitors or arrange platters for the meeting rooms? Are there any upcoming events taking place inside the office? Or all the fruit will stay in the kitchen just for the company staff? Come up with an average number of people that you want to offer access to fruit next week.

      A minimum number of pieces of fruit is 2 per each staff member and a decent number is 4, so multiply your chosen number of pieces of fruit with the staff and you will find out how many pieces of fruit you need to keep everybody happy and no waste.

      Our Office Fruit Boxes come in 3 sizes: 30, 50 and 70 pieces. Add and combine them as needed. Find them here and click on each box to see the content. Also you could read about what it takes for a fruit to be an “office fruit”.


    2. What other items, except for fruit, do you want to receive?

      A well supplied workplace needs not only fruit, but other groceries too. If your company has a budget for other items you can consider what additional products Farm Fresh Grocer can deliver along with the fruit. This way your total order value will increase and you might qualify for zero delivery fee if your order is over $100.
      Check this categories for ideas:
      Milk and Dairy

    3. When and where we should deliver?

      What day of the week do you want the delivery to take place? We do offer once-off, weekly or fortnightly Office Fruit Box Deliveries, so let us know when do you need us to bring your ordered items. You could also point out the earliest time we can have access in your building. And for super-organised office managers we also place everything in the fridge or in the kitchen even before you arrive at work (mention this to us if you are interested).
      Also choose where do you want the order to be delivered: in the kitchen, in the reception area?

    Setup your Office Fruit Box Delivery Sydney service and enjoy our introductory offer: Get 50% off your first 2 fruit boxes!