Your office fruit delivery Sydney supplier should offer these

    Office fruit delivery Sydney supplier brings you fresh oranges

    So you decided you would like to try receiving fruit to your Sydney office kitchen. The next step would be to look for an office fruit delivery Sydney supplier. This is usually a company specialised in dealing with office clients, not just a home-delivery online shop. This company usually takes over the hassle of deciding what mix fruits to send and saves your preferences in regards to different varieties and ripeness levels. Then it adjusts the quantities of your order, so you will always receive the best possible combination of fruit.

    What to look in an office fruit delivery Sydney supplier:
    • Good quality fruits

    You would probably want your supplier to provide good quality fruits, that are tasty, big, ripe and in season. That’s why we have a trial offer where you can receive 2 deliveries of fruit for half a price. This way you can decide if you like what are you receiving in your box. Another useful thing is to observe if the fruits are being squashed or bruised during transport, due to incorrect packing.

    • Already made packages, if necessary

    Sometimes you don’t want to go through the hassle of deciding in detail what to receive. You just want maybe fruits and milk in quantities and combinations that are suitable for your office size. In this case let us know how big is your office and on how many levels do we need to split the order, and we will take all the decisions. You can even let us know if you want us to go further and supply your kitchen with more type of good, like bread, nuts, yoghurt, veggies, dips and drinks, as we can create custom packages to suit your style and needs. Also it’s good to know the difference between a standard fruit box and a custom one.

    • Option to choose your favourite fruits

    There is no point of having a weekly fruit delivery if you receive fruit that is left over at the end of the week because it’s not a very popular fruit. We get to know our customers by saving the likes and dislikes and we send only the right stuff. And you can always change and we will adapt very quickly so you will always receive what you enjoy snacking.

    • More delivery options

    Your office fruit supplier should be able to deliver your order whenever you consider it will be good for your staff, even if it means paying an extra delivery fee to get it on Monday morning, or to get free delivery on another not so busy day of the week. You also should be able to choose if you want to find the order waiting next to your door when you arrive in the morning or you want to receive it later when your office is open.

    • Convenience

    Another quality to look for when you choose your office fruit delivery Sydney supplier is how easy or hard it is to deal with the supplier. Is setting up the order very difficult and time consuming? Or fast and friendly? The same goes for making changes to your outstanding order, this should be easy and intuitive.


    Farm Fresh Grocer is an office fruit delivery Sydney supplier that ticks all the boxes. But we will let you decide for yourself how are we performing, by offering you the half price for any fruit box for your first 2 weeks. Afterwards it’s up to you if you will continue receiving fruits and office snacks from us. Request here your first 2 fruit boxes of trial.