Weekly fruit delivery will only do good for your team

    A weekly fruit delivery is good for your team and convenient for you. Here are some insights about how other office managers get rid of the hassle of keeping the office kitchen supplied on a regular basis.

    It is easy to setup a fruit delivery. Then just receive it weekly.

    Buying fruits for the office from the supermarket is convenient, but only up to a point. If your team gets bigger than 5-10 people then it will be a good moment to start to think about getting the fruits delivered. No more running around downstairs carrying bags early in the morning.

    A weekly fruit delivery is very easy to organise. You will just set it up in the beginning, then the fruits will keep coming every week. They will be delivered straight to your reception so there is no need to carry them.

    Why is it important to get recurrent deliveries

    The option of receiving something on a recurrent schedule works like a subscription. You have an account that will store your preferences and other people will take care of deciding what to send every time. Therefore this way you are delegating the process (almost) entirely to a third party. And delegating as much as possible is the key for you to be more productive and to accomplish more in your fixed time at the office.

    Weekly fruit deliveries. Any other options?

    A weekly delivery of fruits and groceries is the most common option amongst workplaces. Probably the reason for this is the size of the space available to accommodate the fruit, milk, bread, snacks, veggies and other items. The office kitchen has a limited space, same is true for the fridge.

    But there are other options. You can receive fruits and groceries almost daily, 2-3 times per week, fortnightly or only when needed.

    Farm Fresh Grocer delivers from Monday to Thursday, so if the fruits are finishing really fast you can get them every day from Monday to Thursday. Or Monday and Wednesday is another common choice. Fortnightly is the option to go if your office is small and you want to save on delivery fees. Or simply just submit an order on the day before you need the kitchen supplied.

    Even more custom

    If you are a master of planning and scheduling you can go even further and organise the frequency of delivery for each product. This is very useful if you would like to get a fruit box and milk every week, but the nuts and the dips need to arrive every 2 weeks. Just set the frequency dropdown menu for each product in the checkout. Or contact us and we will do this from our end.

    How to setup a weekly fruit delivery and go custom for each item

    These are only some of the tricks that will make your office life easier.