Fruits not recommended to be placed in the fridge

    It is normal for all of us to want to keep the fruits fresh as long as possible. Therefore our choice is to immediately place them in the fridge. However certain fruits should not be stored refrigerated. Below we have put together a list of these fruits:

    1. Bananas
      Bananas retain nutrients at room temperature better. And they get ripen better on the counter, Placing them in the fridge will slow down any ripen process and will turn the skin brown and spotty. But if the bananas are already fully ripe and you don’t mind the color of their skin, then proceed to refrigerate them.
    2. Avocados
      They are a bit similar with bananas. If you received an avocado that is not ripe, just leave it outside. Since avocados need time to ripen, keeping it in the cold fridge will only stop this process. Same as bananas, place them in the fridge only if they are soft and ripe and you intend to consume them later.
    3. Watermelon
      Whole melons
      If you haven’t cut your melons, then there’s no need to refrigerate them. Storing melons at room temperature will keep the same levels of antioxidants. But sliced melons should be kept in the fridge, sealed or covered.
    4. Kiwifruit
      Just like tomatoes or avocados, the ripening process is stopped when we place kiwifruits in the fridge. And they can also loose their nutrients when place in the cooler.
    5. Oranges
      Citrus fruits
      Fruits filled up with citric acid, like oranges and lemons, can acquire chill damage, which is a common effect of cold temperature. You can also see some dark spots and dull skin on these types of fruits if kept refrigerated.
    6. Apples
      There is no need to store the apples in the fridge. They normally last 1-2 weeks at room temperature, therefore it should be enough time for them to be eaten. However, if you want them to last longer than that, you can store them in your fridge. Keep in mind that apples eliminate a gas in time. Because of that, when placed next to other fruits, they can end up causing them to ripen faster.
    7. Pears
      Pears are picked from trees before they are ripe and they will reach the softness and sweet taste slowly after that. If you have received hard pears it is recommended to keep them outside and eat them when they become as soft (and juicy) as you like. If they already feel soft in your hand and you want them to last the entire week then it’s better to place them in the fridge.